My biggest problem with people Of The Christian faith



Ok,so i know this seems rather weird, coming from me; a christian, a worker in the church, but I started this blog page so that I could freely express how I felt and what is bugging me, hoping I could use how I’m feeling to encourage anyone who reads this. My point is that, if I offend you, I really don’t mind, in fact I enjoy offending people; and getting a reaction, this also gives you something to think about.

So let’s get into what I actually want to talk about; feel free to comment afterwards :).

So let me expand on my rather harsh* and yet open title for this peice. My biggest problem/issue with the people of the christian faith is that they/ we try so hard to portray this “perfect”vibe. For a long time I thnought this view was just me until yesterday when I spoke to…

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