My biggest problem with people Of The Christian faith


Ok,so i know this seems rather weird, coming from me; a christian,  a worker in the church, but I started this blog page so that I could freely express how I felt and what is bugging me, hoping I could use how I’m feeling to encourage anyone who reads this. My point is that, if I offend you, I really don’t mind, in fact I enjoy offending people; and getting a reaction, this also gives you something to think about.

So let’s get into what I actually want to talk about; feel free to comment afterwards :).

So let me expand on my rather harsh* and yet open title for this peice. My biggest problem/issue with the people of the christian faith is that they/ we try so hard to portray this “perfect”vibe. For a long time I thnought this view was just me until yesterday when I spoke to a good mate of mine who expressed that he felt the same and had this same issue/struggle with the general christian “movement”. I was ofcourse very encouraged and moved by this-Thanks Nate Ellis.

Now why is this an issue for me?
I’ll tell you why. When Jesus was here on earth, nowhere did He say,”make people believe and think that you’re perfect”or “pretend that you’re perfect”. So why do they pretend? Don’t pretend to be perfect and then expect people to open up to you mate, no one wants to share their flaws with someone who comes across as perfect. Not only that, but its also extremely hypocritical and is not true to what the message the gospel conveys; that being that Christ came so that the broken* may be healed, those who are imperfect, may be made perfect, through* Christ. Not perfect by how well you pretend to be perfect, so STOP!

It is time that the church started being as real as Jesus is, because it is through our imperfection, that Jesus’ perfection shines most brightly.

I, as a christian, feel more comfortable sharing my flaws , struggles and challenges with non-christians rather than with christians. Why? Because they won’t make me feel like absolute crap-yes I said that, shut up. I am actually infuriated by this sad fact, that I can’t share my everyday difficulties with my family in Christ, purely because I may lose my job or be pulled out of doing things/serving in areas I love all because I felt judged and/or left out by someone who is just as screwed up/if not more screwed up than me.

To all non-christians out there; we don’t all think we’re perfect, some of us know we aren’t perfect, and we know that we aren’t “better” than you.

It you are a christian reading this and you’re offended, then clearly you have something to think about, perhaps that’s the holy Spirit convicting you? Its never too late to change:). Please note that I am not encouraging sin / sinful behaviour, but I am asking you,  no! I’m pleading with you to stop pretending to be perfect, show people that you aren’t.
In Matthew 9:12-13 we see Jesus say something truly beautiful : “On hearing this, Jesus said, β€œIt is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick. For I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners.” I personally find this to be one of my most encouraging passages to read.

Remember: It’s not how christian you look on the outside, but rather, it’s about your personal relationship with God ❀ πŸ™‚

So to wrap up:
β†’ Christian, stop pretending to be perfect.
β†’ Be real with Jesus, and as a result you'll be real with people. You are not perfect and you never will be (on your own). But with and through Jesus and ONLY Jesus, you can be made perfect, if you trust in Him and have a real* RELATIONSHIP with Him
β†’ Love people for who they are and not for who you want them to be, this will make you more approachable, and as a result we will see a tighter unity and willingness to be open within the church.

No one is righteous, none but Jesus Christ.

Feel free to comment

God Bless


4 thoughts on “My biggest problem with people Of The Christian faith

  1. I definitely agree, and I know a lot of non-Christians and some new Christians who agree.

    I struggled with this in my first years out of school and admittedly was a goody-two-shoes Christian until I fell with an embarrassing sin that I had to admit, repent and find an accountability partner (which was not easy to find).
    Since then, I have a much better understanding of non-Christians, why people give in to pleasures like temper tantrums, one-night-stands, drunk evenings, high parties, unplanned pregnancy etc. And it made me aware that I am a sinner, with the relief of forgiveness and opportunity for a new start. I am not perfect, I have fallen again and required re-admitting and forgiveness again.
    I also have understanding of Christians who have fallen and how to help them – first in rebuke, then loving support and also accountability. It is a partnership (returned friendship services), that is very valuable.
    This awareness of sin has also made me willing to admit and keep accountability for the smaller things, like how I treat other people.

    One cannot be a witness to the lost debaucherous world if one does not understand them. They are people struggling with conscience as we are, but without the sense of self-worth that Christ brings.

    I hope this helps. People need to be real about their faults and accept that others have faults – not always be too embarrassed.


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