Prayer: One of The most lethal, yet least used spiritual weapons


Well i think the title of the article hits the nail on the head really.

In speaking to my friends over the past couple of months I’ve come to see a common problem /difficulty within all our walks with Christ-we dont PRAY ENOUGH!!!

Usually when I’m having a hard time emotionally or I’m  struggling to deal with certain issues in my life I start to wonder why…and then I “click”. “You haven’t spoken to Jesus about this.” I say to myself.

My prayer life used to be really healthy and evident,  I’m not actually sure why that changed. I had friends who used to get so frustrated with me because i hadn’t told them what I’m going through,  but i never felt the need to as i had already addressed it with God and gotten it off my chest, I do wish it was still like this.

But why do we struggle with prayer? Why is prayer one of the last things we do when we’re struggling?  How many times in the bible do we see Jesus going offto pray, either alone or with His disciples!? Yet we do that last. WHY!!!???

When I’m trying to encourage one of my mates through a difficulty, I ask them if they’ve  prayed and 9 times out of 10 the answer is along the lines of “no i actually didn’t think about this”. Now don’t think im saying its only a select few, i heard how my ex youth pastor forgot to pray about something that is extremely crucial in his life at the moment,  i mean he’s been a growing Christian for over 10 years now and he still forgets,  so do I, and many Christians.  The point of this article isn’t necessarily to point out the issue in almost every Christians life here, but more to ask WHY don’t we use this more often? And to encourage people to use it more often.

To end, i think we don’t use it because we feel odd at times doing it, just speaking into air and getting no response (verbally)can make it feel like a weak and depressing task, yet Jesus did this when He felt weakest,  like the time just before He was taken to be crucified,  He was praying,  pouring out His heart to His Father in heaven. I want to be like that ❀ don't you?

I want to encourage all those who read this, to think about this constantly and to remind yourselves to keep pouring out your hearts to your Father in heaven. Because He cares about YOU and LOVES YOU. And He wants to hear from you more often.

Feel free to drop a comment πŸ™‚

God bless

Jason Devenish


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