What if YOU’RE not doing a good enough job, in your “last days”?


What if tomorrow is the end? What if tomorrow,  you die? What if?
What if Jesus does come back tomorrow?  Are you ready? If you die tomorrow,  where are you going? What if?

See all these questions are relevant and decent questions,  but if you’re not actually going to try get an answer for these questions,  don’t bother asking them, but,maybe you should ask these questions and actually seek the answers.

See recently I’ve had to accept that i have a rather challenging decision to make. Do i want to go to bible college in Cape Town?  Or stay here to tend to my youth group which i recently took over? Which would be the best option?  Staying?  Or going? Do i stay here and disciple and grow this youth group, which i absolutely love? Or do i go to college and start over?

Personally I’d love to stay here and continue to be involved,  but i may be able to go to bible college and grow in my knowledge of God’s word and return and offer the next youth group so much more!!!

See i still haven’t made up my mind. I know what would be better for me and my hearers in the future, but what about the kids here, now, attending today. Do i leave them? I do pray that God would
raise up a new youth leader to come and take over,that i may go study with peace of mind and comfort and peace in my heart.

My challenge to you in the end is to actually consider your circumstances. Are you being effective in the places in which God has placed you? Are you making a difference for the Gospel in these places? Are yoy standing out? Every day, we take a step closer to death.

What if you’ve done too little in spreading so much-the Gospel.


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