“This is a Call for Christian Radicals!”…Shut Up

Okay so while this heading may be rather controversial….I made it controversial because I knew it would get you here.

I am Christian and i do believe that i am a rather fervent believer, BUT I AM NOT A RADICAL. You see when you say “Christian radical” I picture the idiotic Christians who complain about evil-looking children’s toys. I picture the clown who decided that it was not okay for Starbucks to change their coffee cup logo for Christmas. I picture the freak who decided that heavy rock and rap are from satan, even when the music proclaims the name of Jesus. And finally i picture the idiots who clearly have no understanding of grace, who stand with pickets at gay protests  that say “gays burn in hell” or “all gays are going to hell” – actually no my friend, in fact your ideas are more twisted than the homosexual community, get your facts straight before hacking at one particular type of sin.

So, no, the attacks from ISIS all around the world are not a call to the Radicals,  you radical freaks tarnish the name of Christ more than you promote it, you actually don’t promote it at all by the way ;). So you guys can stay away.

I do however believe that this is a call for all Christians to take a stand. Do not fear!!! The moment I heard about all the terrorist attacks etc. I knew, its time to get even deeper into God’s word. Its a time to stand up and take a stand for Christ. If ISIS or any other terrorist organisation comes knocking at my door. I want to be ready! I want to be ready to die, I want my heart to be so grounded in Christ that when death comes knocking, telling me to deny my King, I can say “No, He is Lord and I am ready to face Him”.

It was a wake up call, it showed me that I was being thin with my faith, not taking Jesus seriously.

This is NOT a call for Radicals, this is a call for true Christianity, for true disciples and followers of Jesus, to be exactly that, disciples and followers of Jesus. To take the banner or truth to all nations. To tell the world, that Jesus is alive and well, and He’s living on the inside,  roaring like a lion πŸ˜‰

Feel free to comment your thoughts.

Have a blessed day



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